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While an actual announcement is some time away, sources have started to talk about the Playstation 4.  Code Named Orbis (or perhaps named Orbis), this new console will be powered by AMD but won't bother with PS3 titles.  More interestingly, the use of used games will also be locked on this system -- a blow to the trade-in games market if every heard one.  

Games will reportedly come in two formats for the Orbis, either on Blu Ray disc or via PSN download. As with the PSVita, one PSN account must be tied to each game, which doesn't explain how multiplayer or family play will work.  The console itself will be ready for a 2013 winter release, probably on track to launch around the new Xbox.

This sounds an aweful lot like the rumors about the new Xbox system we heard a few weeks ago, which leads me to be somewhat skeptical about their veracity.  After all, to see that both major console companies are ditching their old back catalog seems nothing short of a slap in the face to the community. It's the players that buy the games, and if they can't play their favorite titles on these new consoles, then we will in effect see the death of classic titles unless they are given rereleases using the new media.  What do you think?  Is this the end of the used game as we know it, or merely a change in the way we game?

[via Kotaku]

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