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It's time for us wallet-locking gamers to rejoice! If you're looking to pick up the Sony Playstation 4 at launch, it would appear the console won't retail for an arm and your first born child. Sources tell us the next-gen Sony console will launch at the price of 300 euros -- roughly equivalent to $400. It's still not the cheapest thing on the market, but at least you won't be breaking the bank for next-gen console hardware.

Personally, i'm an Xbox person, but i'm still curious on what Sony has in store for the Playstation 4. Their reveal is scheduled for February 20th and a lot of details are already dripping through the cracks. From the "Eyetoy" to the new controller, they aim to make the PS4 truly next-gen, or at the very least, throw in some additional features for you to enjoy... or hate, whichever you prefer.

The Sony Playstation 4's reveal will be on February 20th. Besides the console itself, i'm definitely interested on what they have to say for launch IPs. Come back here on that day for all the coverage on the next generation Playstation.

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I find it interesting that the Gaigaki partnership will allow the PS4 to maintain backwards compatibility with PS3 titles.  I will definitely be glued to the press conference tomorrow and I expect we'll finally get an official announcement of the product.  

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I found they find it in their heart to use Gaikai as a source for PS1 and PS2 games as well... Mmmm yummy.

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PS4 details tomorrow, PS5 rumors on Thursday? ^_^

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Pshh where'd you get your intel from? It's Slim on Thursday, PS5 on Friday. Close enough though.

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