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This just in:  Sony has finally realized that gamers don't like PlayStation Home.  In an effort to get users into the failed virtual lobby space, they've announced that they will be revamping Home to feel more like a game and less like, well, a walk through the supermarket.  

The new PlayStation Home will include rebuilt zones that are tailored to the user's gaming interests (hopefully generated by your game catalog and not through a personality test)  and an improved experience that promises to be a game within itself.  Why on Earth they didn't design Home to be like this in the first place is anyone's guess.  Who told Sony that the main thing gamers want to do with their gaming console is sit around and not play games?  

I had high hopes for Home when it first launched, but the poor design and complete lack of proper integration with the XMB left me more than a bit disappointed.  As far as I can tell, Home is just a waste of hard drive space.  Maybe this revamp will actually make the system worth checking out, but I still see little reason to use it as long as it's not integrated in with the main menu system.  Think on that as your Home experiment fails again Sony, and call me when you're ready to really make it worth our time.

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