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I may not be much of a Star Wars fanatic, but I do know Star Wars: The Old Republic has PvP. This much is obvious. The Empire and Republic are going at each other’s throats for control of the galaxy, and there’s already going to be several PvP zones dedicated to these encounters.

So, why the bloody hell is there a random sports arena as a PvP warzone? Seriously, someone explain this concept to me.


Anyway, this little mini-game disguised as a PvP mode, which was actually announced earlier today, is called Huttball. The rules of the game are simple: grab the ball and run it to your opponent’s camp to score a point. The side with the most points at time up wins. The catch is that there are traps all over the area, including fire pits and acid pools, and killing the ball carrier (as well as everyone else on the opposing team) is not only allowed, but required. Both Republic and Empire teams can get in on the action, and players can even go against those of the same faction, on account of the game taking place on a neutral planet.

Still, why this is being billed as a “PvP Warzone” instead of a mini-game I may never know. The entire concept just seems silly and out of place. Then again, maybe that’s the whole point to it? Not something that’s the main part of the game, but an interesting little distraction? Now that I think about it, I can see some guildmates deciding to spend an afternoon brutally murdering each other for control of a small, floating ball.

Because the sheer ridiculousness of this mode is hard to explain with words, Bioware decided to be nice and release a trailer showing off how it works. I mean, it looks fun, but, I still have to ask: Why? Anyway, just watch the trailer below.


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