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This just in: We finally have a Star Wars: The Old Republic release date.  Bioware's first MMO will launch five days before Christmas, and what a lovely present that will be.

Not many people have gotten into the betas, and those of us who have are under strict NDA, so I can't talk much about the game itself.  I can tell you I am impressed by my experiences with it recently, more so than I thought I would be considering how lackluster the demos have been throughout the last two years.  TOR promises to give a strong online gaming experience wrapped in an established IP coating, so it naturally will be a hit with fans of the Star Wars universe.  Whether the game will persist past its first six months, that I cannot predict.

If you haven't yet preordered your copy, now is the time to do so.  Star Wars: The Old Republic launches December 20th, just in time to redeem the Star Wars franchise from its unfortunate holiday connection.

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[Fragnotmyass] @ 1:15:28 AM Sep 26, 2011
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lol Ohan.

I can't wait for this actually. I've been waiting forever for it and have enjoyed all the trailers bioware released, they're all so epic. Nonetheless, I AM a Star Wars fanboy..of doom... but I wonder if its enough to keep me hooked on the game. AH well, I love MMOs, why not, eh?

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