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I know, I know. For the first time in my life, I get to be an ambassador, courtesy of Nintendo. And while I'm excited for the free monocle they'll be sending me (they will be sending a monocle, right?), I still don't feel like my 3DS has anything to do on it but play Faceraiders and be nostalgic. Luckily for me, this morning Nintendo revealed their lineup for the remainder of 2011.

After doing a Ctrl-F search for the next Professor Layton (it's called The Spectre's Call and it releases on November 8th), my faith in the The Big N was restored. Here's a look at what's in store, post Star Fox 3D (Sept 11):

Our beloved yet delayed hero Link will be finally giving us a use for our Wii Motion Plus controllers in Skyward Sword on November 20th. Super Mario 3D Land is an unsurprising combatant in the line-up, set to release around Christmas to grub on all of our holiday gift money. They're also rereleasing Twilight Princess because a little Navi told them there was more money to be gained from it. Or Midna. Whatever.

They're also going to add more stuff to the 3DS store which will hopefully separate my beloved little 3D camera from the old DSi. Kirby Mass Attack will be launching on the DS and the 3DS but I haven't mentioned my absolute favorite Nintendo sales pitch. I'm not even going to paraphrase it. Here's their wording from today's press release:

"[The new Wii bundle] introduces a streamlined Wii console with a slightly altered configuration, which is designed to sit horizontally."

That's right. Nintendo turned the Wii sideways. Next they're going to introduce a game where you have to hold the 3DS upside down. Well, maybe that'll be Star Fox. Whatever the case might be, the future for the 3DS looks a bit more fruitful than what we've had so far.

Oh, I almost forgot. There's a game called Wappy Dog. That'll be enough to keep your mind boggled until Zelda, right?

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