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CoroCoro Comic, a gaming magazine based in Japan, has added a bit more details, via screenshots, on the upcoming Pokemon games, Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2…. So did they run out of colors?

It appears the game will feature all new characters as well as a new starting location. The games will take place two years after the first ones and will be set in the Unova-region, with half the map frozen. Apparently, something big went down. And of course, the most important part, the games will feature over 300 Pokemon, with some new from Unova and some older ones as well. Some of the older ones include Psyduck, Arcanine, and Tyranitar.

Not much to say about the game since the screenshots are somewhat vague. I mean, I COULD blab on about what we already know since the game honestly hasn’t changed all that much, as of now. “Gym Leaders have been confirmed!! Yea!” But I won’t. The games are scheduled to launch in Japan sometime in June with a NA launch sometime in the Fall for the Nintendo DS. If you want to see the screenshots, they are provided by Serebii.

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How about Pokemon Black and Blue?  


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Orange and Purple might be a good pair.

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