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As of late, Google has been looking to push the augmented reality business further but it turns out they want in on the goldmine that is the Poke-industry. Starting on April 1st, 2014, Google is looking to acquire some of the world's most qualified Pokemon Masters by filling the globe with Pokemon. If you meet the qualification and think you have what it takes to be hired by one of the world's most leading companies in the AR department and push the pokemon world to new heights, now is your chance.

The decision by Google to make this move is quite baffling considering Nintendo's very dominant monopoly in the Pokemon industry. However, a company as big as Google, who only hires the best kind of people, might prove to be an enticing location of work for top tier pokemon trainers. Since Masters seek challenge and only wish to be number one, Google is considering this challenge to be the "most rigorous test known to man."

Those who are looking to apply for the position of Google's "Pokemon Master" must catch every Pokemon available in Google Maps Pokemon Challenge by the deadline: April 2nd, 2014: A task of that level shouldn't be too difficult for leading poke-ologists. However, applicants must be able to travel for long periods of time and participate in rigorous exercise due to the terrain some of these Pokemon might be in. For more info, check out the video below:

Everything posted above is satire. Happy April Fool's Day!

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