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Out of the many franchises in all of gaming, Pokemon has got to be one of the biggest. Game after game, fans just flock over, excited for each and every single new title; man, that's passion. But with Pokemon X & Y, Nintendo has gone above and beyond, jamming all sorts of new features into the game that anyone who has played versions Red and Blue 15 years ago couldn't imagine would happen.

So far, the game isn't even out and already, it has 1.26 million pre-orders in Japan alone. I'm sure North America has double that if not more. Since players have the ability to transfer your Pokemon from previous titles like Black & White via Pokemon Bank (available for 3DS), it makes starting a new Poketitle much more enticing, especially for hardcore trainers. On top of that, the game is as close to 3D action as you'll get in a handheld title -- personally, I can't wait to see the all new air battles which is something I've thought about for quite some time.

Pokemon X & Y launches world wide on October 12th along with the all new Nintendo 2DS -- for those not interested in 3D. You can get it early if you head down to the live launch event at Nintendo World in New York on the 11th. If you're excited for Pokemon, let us know what you're excited msot about and what team you'll be supporting! As for me... #TeamFroakie.

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[Frostavenger The Shy guy] @ 10:09:35 PM Oct 8, 2013
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I am a big time hardcore player. Iv entered alot of tournaments won a few lost alot. So one of the big things for me this time is how are they going to do breeding this time round. Black/White added a whole new world to breeding.
The biggest thing about X/Y atm is the WORLDWIDE Launch. So people from Japan are not ahead of us in terms of breeding when the first online tournament hits. We will be on some what even playing ground. TILL event pokemon come out because only about 30% of event pokemon come to NA sadly.

Also X/Y supports alot of duel crossed pokemon typing more so then black/white.

Now flying battle combat is going to be something I wont like, I MYSELF dont tend to run flying type pokemon or pokemon with levitate. I do run ghost types so should somewhat be fine. But I am looking forward to see how well it works out.

Every new pokemon generation brings out a 100% new way of playing the game. even when it comes down to how you breed. what you breed and how you train your EVs. So I cant wait to see how pokemon  X/Y turn out. I HAVE HUGE hopes for this game.

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Yea, they're doing a lot of exciting stuff this time around! I really am hoping for a console Pokemon like Coliseum in the near future though, I loved those games.

In terms of X and Y, not sure if it's entirely true but it's like they really split up what you can and cant get in each version. Not too big of a deal though since world is so connected now, can just get hook ups from their online network lol.

[Frostavenger The Shy guy] @ 6:32:57 PM Oct 9, 2013
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One of the things that I am sure will be in X/Y is DLC. they have already said their will be DLC for props to make your Avatar look diffrent since this time you can fullly custimize how your toon looks.

Hmm they are due for anther Coliseum game. But no idea if they will make one. Would be very nice of them tho!

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Yea Nintendo going into the DLC thing was quite a good thing lol.

[Frostavenger The Shy guy] @ 4:37:53 AM Oct 9, 2013
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So far its been almost a week of playing the game. Thus Far I am enjoying it alot. There are a few things that the game dose not have that black/white 2 had that would of went well in this game but they just didnt make it into the game. Maybe part 2 of X and Y.

There is ALOT of little online features that makes your life easy. One of them is the fact you have an online friends list. Just having a friend dose more then being able to talk with them VIA 3ds Voice chat or type chat. Some of those things are your friends can send you buff powers for 3mins that help you out alot, Some of them are money power,Exp power and capture power I really like this feature.  Anther one of the features I like alot is wonder trader. Pretty much how this one works is you pick ONE pokemon from your box or belt. You send it off and it will match you will a RANDOM person and they will send you w/e they picked to send. Its 100% blind and can be pretty fun to see what people send you back.

Also the fact you dont need to run over to a pokemon center to trade your pokemon with friends/other people. You just hit the little button on your screen where ever you are in the world and if they hit yes you can do your trades/battles.

Also the game has a pass by list if your online. I believe this works like this. Everyone that's online in the SAME area as you will show up on this list. You can trade/battle/chat and all kinds of stuff with them. The list updates often as well

Now as for the story it has the best pokemon story iv ever seen in a pokemon game.

I wouldnt be to shocked to see a pokemon game in the very near future that has ONLINE play where you can see other people standing in towns instead of on a list. This is only the  beginning to pokemons new online play. I cant wait to see where they take all of this!!


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