I'm sure every gamer has thought of this and when I mean "thought of" I generally mean "made fun of" but exactly how much is your in-game avatar carrying? Doomguy can carry 4 different weapons and ammo and most characters you'll find on a standard RPG game can carry all of their 60 some weapons, potions, and gold but what I'm sure a lot of you never really thought out the scope of what your character is handling in his pockets.

An interesting video posted by Youtuber Vsauce3 sort of sorts out what exactly you keep on your back in video games. While fictional worlds don't really have any boundaries, the calculations of how much Steve can carry around in his invnetory in Minecraft is quite insane and hurts my back just thinking about it. I'll just leave you to this morning video which can be viewed after the jump:


[Video by VSauce3]

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