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Just last night, Origin, with some help from the all-knowing Google, accidentally revealed Crysis 3. The game’s box art was displayed and was shown on-sale in their store with the ability to “add to cart”. Only the Xbox 360 and PC versions were available but we expect a Playstation 3 version as well. By now, the reveal has been taken down but now that the world knows, it doesn't really matter.

Kind of funny if you ask me. GameReactor, a UK-based magazine, was supposed to tease Crysis 3 in their upcoming issue and make the first exclusive reveal… But Origin kind of stole all the thunder.

Crysis 3 was pretty much expected, and whether or not it’ll be as good as the first or better than the second is still a mystery. No word yet on any of the game's upcoming features or whether or not the next Crytek Engine will be used, but I’m sure we’ll hear all the news in GameReactor’s upcoming, no-longer exclusive nor surprising reveal.

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Pity I'll never get to play it since I won't touch origin with a 40 foot pole.

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I bet this was done on purpose to get more publicity. Also, I bet it will take 8 cores to run it. HA Xp

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