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Star Wars Battlefront was only the beginning in the next generation of Star Wars games. Some rebel scum snuck into one of EA's space station and stole the hidden plans. Basically someone leaked an image of what appears to be a countdown clock for Electronic Art's E3 2016 announcement.

People have been craving a new Republic Commando game for ages, and finally there is a light at the end of the saber. Although I am a bit skeptical about EA making the game because they are notorious about releasing limited content and making you pay for the rest. They have made pretty good single player games like Deadspace, and Crysis. So my hopes are pretty high. What do you think? Could this be the announcement of an extravagant Star Wars squad based first person shooter? What kind of content would you like to see in this game?

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[Mandifesto] @ 11:22:25 AM Feb 5, 2016
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With the death of 1313 I certain am hoping we get more SW games. Granted, I just want the old Galaxies back, but that's just me.

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As a fan of both Republic Commando and the old Tie Fighter games, it will be nice to step into the shoes of an Imperial soldier once again - The way Tie Fighter depicted working for the Imperials, it was more a patriotic defense of your government then being a "bad guy" so the entire feel of the game was pretty unique, lets hope they recreate that here.

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