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I have a bone to pick with Electronic Arts when it comes to Dragon Age properties.  First Dragon Age II was just too short, then it received no real DLC support despite the promises Bioware gave us that there would be a crap ton of story coming to extend the shortness of the boxed product, and now we hear that EA is pulling the plug on Dragon Age Legends.

The Facebook-based social game did well as long as it was being promoted heavily by EA, but the minute they stopped tossing beta keys around like candy the average users tanked.  Today it sits at a meager 10,000 daily users, which isn't enough to pay the service fees to Facebook.  As a result of this lackluster showing, the game will be pulled from Facebook, the iTunes App Store, and  Google Play on June 18th.  The end of ingame currency has already begun, and those that are still playing are urged to head on over to Age of Champions, another game I've never heard of.

I sort of feel like Dragon Age as a property was dropped as soon as Mass Effect 3 came on the scene, and for those of us  who are fans of the franchise it's sad to see it handled so poorly.  The death of Legends only proves that Bioware seems to be only able to focus on one IP at a time, and is spending time with their favored son and forgetting their other kid entirely.

If you are a Dragon Age Legends player and are looking to information on the transfer to Age of Champions and the accompanying incentives, head over to the game's page and read all the details.  

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I really wish I could contradict you, and insist that BioWare is just biding their time with the franchise, but honestly, it very much feels like they simply gave up on it. Dragon Age II was a bit of a let down to a lot of the fans - a huge part of that was that a lot of the "streamlining" actually removed parts of the game that players enjoy, like being able to equip your followers with whatever gear you want like in DA:O. Add to that the above-noted shortness of DA2 and lack of meaningful DLC, and it leaves my heart feeling empty and sad. I can only hope they make as huge a fuss over DA3 as they have with ME3 and prove us both wrong.

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Seeing a return to DA's roots would be nice, well at least some form of return. It does feel like an abandoned step child at the moment though. :(

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