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Over the weekend Art and I were talking baby names.  We ran through the usual sources, family, favorite authors, but eventually we kept coming back to one distinct theme:  gaming.  I'm fascinated with the idea of paying homage to the games I love, but I'm still on the fence about whether or not it would be right to name a child after what amounts, ultimately, to a pop culture reference.  

The most famous example of gaming naming (ooh I rhymed!) of course is Zelda Williams, daughter of actor Robin Williams.  Depak Chopra's son renamed himself Gotham since everyone was mispronouncing his name anyway -- and then proceeded to begin a career in comics.  There was even a child named Dovahkiin, after the Dragonborn protagonist in Skyrim.  Of course that came with a lifetime of free games from Bethesda, so that might have been more of a marketing ploy than a real naming choice.

So with baby names on the brain, I figured this would be a perfect question to pose to the Game Geex:  What name would you choose from gaming for a baby?  And a secondary question:  Would you name a child after a video game character at all?

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Well I loved the Zelda games, but I could never name my kid Zelda thanks to Pet Sematary.


Let's see there is one of my all time favorite games Chronotrigger and the main character Chrono, which would be kind of cool but my wife would never go for that. Then you have FF7 and Cloud, but do I want a hippie kid named after a pathological liar?

After that many of my other favorite games I name the characters myself when I create them, so that's not the same.

I guess the answer would be no.




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As Mandie and I were going through our collective gaming knowledge, we come up with a ton of great game-inspired names for girls, but names that we would give to a boy without dooming him to a life of reticule and mockery were few and far between.

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P-Body!!!!! Ok... nvm, bad move.

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