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Yesterday I found an interesting email in my inbox.  It seems they are announcing the release of a book entitled Music Games Rock, focusing on the history and possible future of rhythm games.  The book itself sounds fascinating to me, particularly because I am such a fan of the genre.  I’m not ashamed to admit that right now I play more Dance Central than anything else.  I am ashamed of my score on Teach me to Jerk however.

Music Games Rock by Scott Steinberg is available in print, for ereaders and free download from their website, but with a book like this it seems to me you’d miss a great deal by reading it without the illustrations.  Thinking about how interesting this book was got me thinking about the other gaming books I’ve read, and thus led me to today’s topic.

What books about gaming have you read?  Are there any you would recommend for those of us who still enjoy books despite the death of print? While I can think of a couple of books where gaming is featured, I'll mention one: I just ordered Neal Stephenson's latest novel, Reamde, in which the main character is a gold farmer embroiled in a world of MMOs and intrigue. 

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I read Game Over based on Art's recommendation but that was a while ago. I've read books that take place in the lore of certain games like WoW and Mass Effect. Currently though there has been no other gaming based reading beyond articles online that catch my fancy.

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I have Game Development Essentials: Game QA and Testing on my bedside table. Haven't actually read it yet, but as soon as Blizzard responds to my emails, calls, letters, texts, and carrier pigeons, I will so read the crap out of it.


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The full title of the book Martin is referring to is Game Over: Press Start to Continue, and it is a fascinating look at the rise of Nintendo from its roots as a Hanafuda card company. Its a great read; I highly recommend it to anyone interested in the game industry.

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Yeah, that's it. 


I also own Get in the Game: Careers in the Game Industry


Not a bad book full of info, it's a bit dated now and dry due to the content matter.

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Mass Effect and almost all the Star Wars books were about it for me.

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FFVII's On the Way to a Smile. Other than that, just manuals. lulz

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