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Disney in conjunction with DreamWorks Studios have confirmed that they will indeed be bringing EA’s Need for Speed to the big screen on February 7th, 2014. The movie will have Act of Valor director Scott Waugh leading the project.

All I have to say is wow, didn’t see that coming. I’m not a huge fan of Need for Speed but it could be interesting. Though, it would appear that Hollywood wants to spread from comics to well-known video games as well. What’s next? Assassin’s Creed and God of War movies? Oh wait, they’re already happening.

Movie adaptation of video games usually turn into Hollywood monstrosities, however, with big name producers and teams behind the projects and hopefully larger-budgeting plans, we could see some pretty wicked stuff done in the near future. If Hollywood does shift to video games, which big screen adaptation would interest you most? Mass Effect movie, anyone?

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I am kinda interested in the Deux Ex movie announced this week.  But I was so burned by Sands of Time I'm very wary of games-turned-movie projects.  

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I agree, the Prince of Persia movie stabbed me through the heart with a sandy dagger, and I wanted to rewind the previous two hours.

The Max Payne movie was such a train wreck, I wanted to bullet dive away from the screen while blasting it with twin pistols.

The Doom movie was entirely hellish and doomed from the start.

I could go on...

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Ok thank goodness. I can stop lying about how good the Sands of Time totally wasn't.

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