Have you ever said to yourself, "man I love BioShock, but there's just not enough assassination in it?"  Or perhaps you mused "Assassin's Creed would be great if only they had armored men on stilts setting groups of the downtrodden on fire."  Or even "Oblivion was great, but there just weren't enough rats for my taste."  Bethesda Softworks has heard you, oddly enough, and today shared a game with the world that combines all three of these titles into one, awesome package:  Dishonored.

In Dishonored you play Corvo Atano, a former bodyguard who used to protect the Beloved Empress. But when said empress winds up dead, you become the world's most wanted man, and turn from a protector of men into an assassin.  Your goal is to find out who betrayed you and killed the Empress, and to do that you must navigate a city corrupted from within by plague, dark magicks, and worse.

Hit the jump to watch the breathtaking debut trailer for what looks to be Bethesda's best game to date.  Extra points if you can count all the rats.

Dishonored will release sometime in the future from Bethesda Softworks.  Further details are unknown.


wolfhound.jpg (951w x 521h)
aristocrats.jpg (951w x 521h)
assassination.jpg (951w x 521h)
challenge.jpg (951w x 521h)
combat01.jpg (951w x 521h)
bedroom.jpg (951w x 521h)
combat04.jpg (951w x 521h)
darkvision.jpg (951w x 521h)
exploration.jpg (951w x 521h)
founddead.jpg (951w x 521h)
goldencat.jpg (951w x 521h)
goldencathall.jpg (951w x 521h)
groupfight2.jpg (951w x 521h)
harproom.jpg (951w x 521h)
madam.jpg (951w x 521h)
plague.jpg (951w x 521h)
ratlight.jpg (951w x 521h)
rooftop.jpg (951w x 521h)
searchingguard.jpg (951w x 521h)
sneak01.jpg (951w x 521h)
sneak02.jpg (951w x 521h)
tallboys.jpg (951w x 521h)
suprise.jpg (951w x 521h)
tallboys3.jpg (951w x 521h)
tallboys4.jpg (951w x 521h)
thug-v-guard.jpg (951w x 521h)
walloflight.jpg (951w x 521h)
windblast.jpg (951w x 521h)

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