It's hard not to love a game that looks and feels beautiful, and Dishonored is no exception.  It's moody ambiance seems to almost bleed through the screen, as if Bethesda Softworks wants you to feel the grime on your skin and the weak sunlight in your eyes.  Just take a look at the screens they released today and you'll see what I mean.  Half of them are like something out of an art deco play.

While I'm still not completely enamored of Dishonored, it does appear to contain some beautiful visuals.  The problem I have with it is that it seems to have very little personality -- something I've had issue with in previous Bethesda products.  Everything is incredibly serious, and that includes the art style.  Perhaps I'm just too light hearted to be a true Bethesda fan, or perhaps there is more coming from Dishonored that will change my opinion.  We shall see.

Dishonored will launch onto a console near you October 9th.

172401_Assassin_refinery.jpg (1500w x 881h)
172907_Boyle_Guest.jpg (1500w x 897h)
172804_TallBoyle.jpg (1500w x 881h)
172501_Boyle_Party.jpg (1500w x 837h)
172603_Combat_First_Boyle.jpg (1500w x 897h)
172703_Weeper_gate.jpg (1500w x 844h)

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That baby doll costume is friggin' creepy as all hell.

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