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Bethesda just announced that it's going to push back its upcoming Horror-Survival game, The Evil Within, another two months for polishing. The original launch date was set for August but the game now won't hit the shelves till October. Yeesh, did they wait to see if Watch_Dogs was going to be good or not to find out if their game needs more work? Or maybe they realized a Halloween launch would be a little cooler. Hmmmm.

The press statement reads:

"Shinji Mikami and his team at Tango Gameworks have asked for additional time to further balance and refine the game in order to deliver the polished, terrifying pure survival horror experience they set out to create."

The Evil Within is now scheduled for October 21st 2014. If they're gonna delay it, they might as well give it those extra 10 days to make it a little more special.

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