Neverwinter is one of those games you have to play to believe.  it's just that fun.  Well for those that haven't gotten the chance to experience Cryptic Studios' persistent world Action MMO, they are going to have to wait just a little longer.  That's because Perfect World has confirmed that the game will be releasing sometime in early 2013.

Fear not, intrepid adventurers, from what we can tell this game will be worth the wait.  Last week the developers released a brand new trailer for the game, as well as screenshots showing off some of the cooler elements, like mobs and bosses.  Having had a chance to romp around with the game at E3 I can tell you it's challenging in all the right places, and satisfyingly reminiscent of Neverwinter Nights, the first MMO experience I encountered way back on AOL.  Well, minus the Bugbears.

"After an extremely successful E3, the nominations, awards and accolades for Neverwinter continues to fuel us with great ideas for new game features," said Yoon Im, Senior Vice President, Game Publishing, Perfect World Entertainment. "We and our partners at Wizards of the Coast are committed to connecting gamers with the best possible D&D gaming experiences. With Neverwinter, we will not just meet expectations, we will exceed them and that means supporting our developers at Cryptic with the time they need to make the action MMORPG to beat in 2013."

Neverwinter will release for Windows PC and Mac sometime in 2013.  Enjoy the trailer after the jump.



nw_screen_060112_02.jpg (1280w x 720h)
nw_screen_060112_03.jpg (1280w x 720h)
nw_screen_060112_04.jpg (1280w x 720h)
nw_screen_060112_05.jpg (1280w x 720h)
nw_screen_060112_06.jpg (1280w x 720h)
nw_screen_060112_01.jpg (1280w x 720h)
nw_screen_060112_07.jpg (1280w x 720h)
nw_screen_060112_08.jpg (1280w x 720h)
nw_screen_060112_09.jpg (1280w x 720h)
nw_screen_060112_10.jpg (1280w x 720h)
nw_screen_060112_11.jpg (1280w x 720h)
nw_screen_060112_12.jpg (1280w x 720h)
nw_screen_060112_13.jpg (1280w x 720h)
nw_screen_060112_14.jpg (1280w x 720h)
nw_screen_060112_15.jpg (1280w x 720h)

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Its a shame that there is a delay, but I'm certain the extra time will be put into the polish this game deserves.

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