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At this very moment, thousands of gamers just like you are fighting and looting their merry way around Cryptic's D&D Action MMO, Neverwinter, as it's third Beta Weekend is in full swing. Whether they were lucky enough to score a beta key, or fortunate enough to have the money to spare for a Founder's Pack, they are all happily adventuring away. But are you? Or are you sullenly sifting through the videos and screenshots posted around the 'net, wishing you could join in the fun but feeling like the one poor kid with severe asthma and allergies, watching the kids out the window as they play tag and silently dreaming of being a super hero who could show them all how awesome you are and capture the heart of the cute red head that lives around the way even though she doesn't seem to know you exist...

Where was I? Oh yeah! Neverwinter...

Well, boy howdy do I have great news for you! We here at GameGeex have been given a handful of beta keys to let you in on the fun!  Beta Weekend 3 introduces the Giant Weapons Fighter to the mix, as well as adding PvP combat and raising the level cap to 50. So what are you waiting for?! Grab your beta key at the bottom of this post, but you better hurry - Beta Weekend 3 ends tomorrow night (3/24) at midnight! 

Neverwinter Beta Weekend 3
The latest round of Neverwinter Beta adds the Giant Weapons Fighter and PvP!
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