There's been something missing from current Action MMOs, and up until today I couldn't put my finger on it.  But now that Perfect World has released the latest trailer for Neverwinter just in time for PAX Prime 2012 this weekend, I now know what it is:  Undead Pirates.  Sure there have been tons of zombies and vampires, but how many games feature a guy like Black Dagger, risen from the grave to haunt is own keep, raising an army of undead bandits riding the waves on previously crashed pirate ships?  Not that many, I would expect.

I admit this isn't what I expected from the PAX Prime trailer for a game based in the Dungeons and Dragons universe, but surprises aren't a bad thing, especially in the MMO genre.  Just don't expect me to travel the Sword Coast unarmed any time soon.

Neverwinter will be releasing for Windows PC sometime in 2013. 



nw_screens_082012_10.jpg (1280w x 720h)
nw_screens_082012_12.jpg (1280w x 720h)
nw_screens_082012_01.jpg (1280w x 720h)
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