I won't make any attempt to mask my enthusiasm for Carbine's up-coming Sci-Fi MMO, WildStar - the game is looking absolutely brilliant. From it's cartoon-like, lively art style to its intelligent systems and game mechanics, I have yet to hear a single thing about this title that I didn't absolutely love. And with this latest entry into the DevSpeak video series they have revealed their Free Form Targeting system, which is looking to be yet another ingredient in the massive serving of steamy Awesome Pie that I can't wait to savor. Pardon me, I may have drooled on my keyboard a little.

Check out the DevSpeak video after the jump, and be sure to watch all the through the end for a little extra Apocalypse Now inspired fun.



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I. Just. Want. To. Play.

[Ereshkigal] @ 6:17:48 PM Jul 17, 2013
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Okay, I'm sold. When can I buy?

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The WildStar beta has only just recently begun, so I would guess release would be a couple months off. As soon as we have an actual release date, we will definitely have it posted. ^_^

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