I have been having a horrible day, the sort of day where the "truck broke down and the dog died and the farm burnt down" -- you get the picture.  Well I suppose it was all in order to balance out the latest WildStar DevSpeak video released this afternoon from Carbine Studios.  This particular video talks about the twitch mechanics that layer WildStar with a particularly shiny version of combat.

In most MMOs you have a standard set of ways you actually interact with combat: channeled spells, combo attacks, instant abilities, and those that require a cast time.  All of these depend on what class you're playing, obviously, but there's not much variety in the actual button-mashing in the game.  I tend to liken something like healing in an MMO to playing the piano:  You tap your keys in just the right rhythm and then can sit back as beautiful music plays.

With WildStar though Carbine wanted to provide movement-based casting abilities to blend with their reactive movement abilities and combat mechanics.  This makes a great amount of sense:  We're talking about an Action MMO after all, and you can't very well plant your staff in the ground and mumble under your breath as your enemy charges, Gandalf-style.  While there is something to be said about the realism of immobile casting, I don't think it fits with the wacky esthetic of WildStar.  Hit the jump to watch the video for yourself, and let me know how many hitpoints you think that octopus has.  I am assuming a LOT.



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I'm severely disappointed in the lack of sandwich crafting time this game is leaving us. Come on, when am I suppose to eat? Do I have to take a break from gaming now to grab some grub? Is this some odd starvation/diet plan, where is the video about that? PROPAGANDA!


P.S. Ninja Spider Monkey!

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