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Ladies and gentlemen, you're invited to a grand event. It won't be black tie,and it doesn't require knowing someone to get in the door.  No this event is GameGeex WildStar Week, and it starts tomorrow.  We here at GameGeex got a rare opportunity to play Carbine Studios' upcoming MMO as a group, and we're funneling our experience with the game into one huge party dedicated to everything we know about WildStar so far.

Each day we'll bring you class overviews, game mechanics impressions, and other nifty goodies to inform, amaze and tantalize.  One caveat though:  We just got our press access a few weeks ago, and we did our best to explore the game as a group -- which in this day and age is quite a challenge.  The result is that we didn't get all that far into the game.  Some articles during this week will be introductory impressions, therefore, while others will be more far reaching -- as some of the team simply had more time to play than others.  Fear not, we're still going to be covering the beta as we go, this is only the Nexus appetizer platter if you will.  Here's a rundown of our planned posting schedule for WildStar Week. We'll let you know if any of this changes:

Monday: Warrior Class Overview | The WildStar Endgame 

Tuesday: Engineer Class Overview | Tradeskills

Wednesday: Spellslinger Class Overview | Social Structures

Thursday: Medic Class Overview | PvP Overview

Friday: Stalker Class Overview | Scientist Path Overview | The Lament of Sadie Brightland

In addition to the scheduled posts above, we hope to pepper other articles and videos throughout the week to properly season your WildStar buffet.  Come back tomorrow to get started on all the awesome!


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