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Today must be International MMO PreOrder Announcement week, because not only did Blizzard announce the Warlords of Draenor preorder, Carbine Studios also stepped into the pre-purchase melee with the rewards they will be offering for WildStar players.  Preorders for Carbine's upcoming Sci-Fi MMO will officially start on March 19 -- one week from today.

Gamers who are already planning on buying the game should seriously check these perqs out:  

  • Exclusive Rocket House
  • Exclusive Housing Trophy
  • Exclusive In-Game Title: "Chosen of the Progenitors"
  • Access to Beta Weekends
  • 3 Day Head Start
  • In-game Storage Bag

The WildStar team is also hinting that more swag will be on the table, so my guess is we'll hear about that next week as they lure players into preordering the game. Two Editions of the game will be offered, the Standard and the Digital Deluxe.  Sound familiar?  Both come with three 7-day passes to give to friends, and both editions are eligible for the preorder rewards, but only the Digital Deluxe edition will come with: 

  • Eldan themed hoverboard
  • Eldan augmentation costume
  • Special Eldan title
  • Eldan colored dye for your armor

The way I see it, if you've already decided to get the game, you might as well get some free stuff by locking in your vote early.  If you still haven't decided whether or not you're going to buy WildStar, check out our WildStar Week coverage and see what we thought of our experience playing the game.


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I really hope they have a physical collector's edition............ Chua edition >:O

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Burn the CHUA! Long live the Granok.

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