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If you haven't heard about Carbine Studios latest project WildStar, you're in for a treat.  It's not often that you find an MMO that is this charming, a game that seems to blend the treasure hunt of Borderlands with the sass and fun of Firefly.  The art style for this game is over the top in a similar to Star Wars: Clone Wars or Team Fortress 2.  While there isn't much in the way of information about the game out now, there are tons of screenshots, and each of them makes me more excited about this game than the last.

This week the developers shared with us the lore behind one of their big bosses, Metal Maw.  Demure he is not.  This big cybernetic monstrosity was birthed via a series of ancient experiments, and no one is exactly sure what his true purpose is.  These days the Dominion (the big baddies that have taken over the whole planet) are scrambling to discover his secrets, and the Exiles are just scrambling to keep alive.

Hit the jump to meet Metal Maw, as well as see the first announcement trailer for WildStar and even a bevvy of artwork and screens.  

WildStar will be released by Carbine Studios sometime in the future, most likely for PC.

[via Carbine Studios]




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This is one awesome looking MMO that seems to be doing its best to fly just below the radar... Perhaps so they can toss in a big surprise "Hey, remember us!" PR Grenade at E3? We will see. Either way, I love what Ive seen so far.

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The game has some pretty cool graphics. It has that cartoon feel to it, which I kind of like. The double gun, teleporting dude looks like he is going to be a blast to play. Over all it looks like it going to be a fun game to play.

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Oh yes, I will give this a shot. It appeals to me on many levels, from art direction to story genre. It also has Bunny girls, so I know my wife will give it a shot.

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