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Ever wonder what Team Fortress 2 would sound like applied to the soundtrack of The Little Mermaid?  No?  Well luckily BurningFajitas did, and thus was born one of the most brilliant machinima song parodies of the year.  This is one of the first great pieces to come out of the launch of Valve Source Filmmaker, and I sincerely hope they find this guy and hire him immediately. It's obvious he knows his stuff.  

Hit the jump to watch the video and sing along with Just One More Hat.


Lyrics?  We has them, courtesy of the vocal stylings of Ken Ashcorp, the guy doing the singing on this vid.  
Look at this server, isn't it neat?
People with all their collections complete
Wouldn't you think I'm a guy
A guy who has everything
Look at my pack - five sandmans bold
How many wonders can one backpack hold
Looking at this you'd think, sure
He's got everything
I've got Targes and Pain-Trains a-plenty
I've got Kritzkriegs and Banners galore
You want, Bonk drinks? I've got twenty
But who cares? No big deal, I want more
I wanna be where Gabe Newell is
I wanna see him, see him dancing
Strutting his stuff in that
What do you call it?
Oh, fro
Idle servers don't get you too far
Chances required for every second
Strolling around in that Killer's Kabuto

Up on their heads
Up where their hair
Up where that mullet feels lighter than air
TF2's wrong
And oh, how I long
For one more hat
What would I give, If I could live
With a Tough Guy's Toque
What would I pay
To spend a day with that
Rubber Glove

And oh how I'd love
To speak up above with Robin and
Increase those drop-rates
Soldier's Stash
I'd pay cash
If only I could
And ready to know what the Devs know
Ask them some questions and get some answers
What is a trollsman and why does it
What's the word?
I'm ready to roll
Why don't you drop
A towering pile of hats up to the top?
The top of my head
I'll wait 'till I'm dead
For one more... hat

[via Burningfajitasalt]

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That... was... AWESOME!

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I'm not the only one who sung to this right xD?

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I would have, but Im in the office...

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