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I think Mia Wallace had it right: You can be a Beatles person or an Elvis person. You can like both, but you're gonna like one of 'em more. That's how I view Counter-Strike and the Call of Duty series (nevermind the young punks in the Rolling Stones at Battlefield 3).

I spent a frankly embarrassing amount of time with Counter-Strike and its variations, and I always liked it more than any CoD title. The funky/comical rag-doll physics. The simple yet tactical level design. The intensity when only two players remained, whether you were one of them or not. Damn game was like a drug.

And Valve has given us our first drag. Hit the jump to be reminded that, yes, you used to love this game. And look at it now.



The release date is set for 2012. The game will see PC, Mac, Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

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