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Team Fortress 2 is popular. No doubt about that. And Valve has been known to take advantage of that popularity to help advertise other games (because they’re awesome like that). This time, Deus Ex: Human Revolution is getting all the glory, and preordering the game through Steam can net you eight different items for use in TF2.

In what’s being called the Manno-Technology Bundle, Valve is allowing those who preorder the Deus Ex prequel to obtain four different, unique weapons, and four cosmetic pieces. Are you upset about the Engie not getting anything for the Uber update? Don’t fret. He gets two, count em’, two weapon alternatives of his very own. And for those of you who actually pay attention to what colored letters your weapon carries, all of them will be shipped to you in Genuine quality.


It's definitely a tempting deal, especially if you're already anxious to play the followup to a legendary series. For those of you who just want the items instead of the game itself, you can easily get them in TF2 via crafting, random drops, or simply straight from the Mann-Co. store. So even if you're poor and Irish, you can still obtain your weapon of choice easily.

If you’re still on the fence about whether to check the game out or not, look at our preview of the game from Comic Con and see if that helps make a decision for you. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is set to be released August 22.

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