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Everyone loves Portal. There’s no denying that. Even teachers love the game, since it uses a lot of physics-based algorithms and all that sciency lingo.

Valve apparently likes teachers as well, which is why they’re giving away free copies of the first Portal game to help with educating young tikes in the field of science. The goal is to help get the game into as many classrooms as possible, and create a higher awareness of video games as possible learning tools. What better way to teach physics and critical thinking to students than by having them use portals to catapult themselves across a room?

The offer is only available for a short while, though, going until September 20, this coming Tuesday. If you have yet to experience the phenomenon yourself, there’s really no reason not to grab a copy for yourself and try it out.

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Anyone who doesn't already have Portal on Steam should definitely download it immediately. That, and contact all your love ones to let them know you are ok, because I can only assume youve been in a coma for the past few years.

[Mandifesto] @ 4:33:08 PM Sep 16, 2011
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Finally someone rewards teachers for innovation!  Go hug a teacher and thank them for the gift.  After you download the game of course.

[Fragnotmyass] @ 2:33:08 AM Sep 16, 2011
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Thanks for the heads up, im downloading it right now haha. i have portal 1 and 2 for the 360 but whatever,, free is free.

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