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The entire technological world has been waiting to see what Valve would announce this week.  The first of the three expected announcements broke yesterday, when Valve announced they would be creating a media-centric operating system, dubbed SteamOS.  With the creation of an OS of their own, Valve is setting their sights on owning not only your PC gaming experience, but your living room play as well. SteamOS will be completely free and will run on any living room machine.  In our household we have a PC dedicated to movies and media, so this would be a great thing for the likes of me.  

Along with the announcement of the new operating system, Valve let us know that a couple new features will be coming to Steam in the future:  In-home streaming, family game sharing, family content visibility options, and music, tv and movies.  As a member of a gaming family, the idea of having to buy multiples of the same game has frustrated me for years.  I'm very happy to see Valve tackling this issue before they even announce their own console.

We have two more announcements coming from Valve, and the countdown is running down to more news tomorrow.  What will this news be, do you think?  How influential do you think the SteamOS will be on the industry at large?  Personally, I am hoping for a GladOS SteamOS teamup.  Now THAT would be amazing.

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The family game sharing finally makes sense now! In home streaming is full of awesome.


Please give us split screen support, I'd prefer to do it without having to launch games in sandboxes and other modding tech.



[Classic Contagious Gaming] @ 4:33:19 PM Sep 24, 2013
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Definitely interested in messing around with SteamOS.

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