Throughout the last few days, rumors have been flying about Assassin's Creed 3.  Images surfaced yesterday of an Altair-looking fellow crouched in front of an American Colonial flag, and the Internet cried allowed in a nearly unified shout of triumph.  I say nearly because I for one think it's a ludicrous idea to set such a romantic story as Assassin's Creed during the rather bland American Revolution.  What, is he going to kill random English generals and single-handedly bring about American freedom from Colonial rule?  What about all those nice folks who fought in the war, Washington and his cronies?  Are we to believe they just posed for paintings and handed out quotes for posterity?

Today Ubisoft confirmed the rumors, releasing cover art for Assassin's Creed 3 which features a decidedly Native American take on the game's hero.  He even wields a tomahawk with the AC logo featured on the blade.  While this is all the information we have on the subject until March 5th, no doubt we will hear more from Game Informer next month, since the game will be their cover story (no fooling).  

Update: Today actual screenshots from the game surfaced through an unknown imgur account, so I've added them to the gallery below.  My particular favorite is the assassin in the tree.  

[via @Ubisoft, Joystiq]

AC3 announced.jpg
AC3 announced 2.jpg
AC3 announced 1.jpg
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kMUzd - Imgur.jpg
Y8Lx4 - Imgur.jpg
RAARZ - Imgur.jpg
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Damn it I still have to beat Brotherhood and Revelations.

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Same here. They are on my "when time and money allows" list, which means I'll probably not get to them for a few more years...

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