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You may be wondering why Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka is the banner image for this one. No real reason really, other than the latest post on the DOTA 2 blog uses a quote that reminded me of the classic movie. Don’t worry, there’s actual news here still.

Due to the overwhelming response to Valve’s little project, the developer is changing their gameplan a bit, stating in the blog that “our original plan was dumb.” Their new plan now has them trying to get the game out “as fast as we can,” citing a need to get as much out as they can, and then rolling out regular updates for additional user feedback. While actually getting to play the game will still be on an invite only basis for a short period of time, those who do get in will have access to all the features, and can use them however they want, in a public or private setting.

Valve is still being very quiet on a release date, and especially on whether the title will be free-to-play or not. Though with this latest bit of news, we may be able to get new info out sooner than we initially expected.

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