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Fans have been clamoring for it. Now, Valve is finally set to deliver. Meet the Medic is on its way for Team Fortress 2. However, Valve isn’t just content with releasing the video without a bit of flair. Hence, the Uber Update.

Like the previous class-related updates before, Valve will be revealing a new set of items each day until the day the update is released (in this case, this coming Thursday). Today’s reveal is labeled as “Mobster Monday,” and showcases two mobster-themed equipment sets, belonging to the Heavy and Spy respectively. Also included in the reveal is a new payload map, with a description riddled with mobster related puns. And, of course, both the main page and the update page are filled with the usual sense of humor you've come to expect from a bunch of guys that have an unnatural affinity for head decorations.

To commemorate the occasion, Valve also rolled out a new look for the main TF2 webpage, and it looks pretty snazzy. Head on over there to check the new layout. You’ll need to familiarize yourself with it anyway to check out tomorrow’s theme when it goes up (Valve time, of course).

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