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So if you haven't already heard the news, THQ is no more. They sold and auctioned off all of their products and companies to other distributions. Basically everything that was THQ has been scattered to the four corners of the industry. Could it be for the better? In some aspects, it might be.

An example of it being better is a game you might have heard of that didn't turn out as good as people hoped. Homefront, a much weaker version of Battlefield has been bought by Crytek, so if nothing else, at least it'll be a beautiful game. They weren't the only company that went shopping that day. Ubisoft has accepted the purchase of Montreal and South Park. They could possibly add Ezio from Assassins Creed 2 in the game if they wanted to, well not really but you get the point.

Companies have been going left and right throughout the past few years. It saddens me to see things like this happen. Pandemic became bankrupt and now no one gets Star Wars Battlefront 3. 38 studios couldn't manage and now you'll never get that Kingdom of Amalur MMO. Look not behind, but forward in the realm of gaming. Do not weep to the loss of others. So stop paying attention to fallen games.

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