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I just watched a video, this video actually, and thought "finally at truly customized RPG."  Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning is coming next month, and features a world that will be shaped by your experiences in it.  No, this isn't Fable, which means the changes aren't all black and white, good or evil.  What I haven't seen before is the Fateweaving system, where you can pay to change your own destiny.  As you quest you get the opportunity to receive rare Twist of Fate cards, but how they shape your life is based on the choices you make.  I'm so excited I am going to do a little happy dance of joy.  Privately, of course.  





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I definitely see Reckoning as the game that Fable series is trying to be. I know right now we are awash with news about Skyrim and TOR, but honestly I want to play Reckoning more than both of them combined.

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