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Looking for something fun to do this weekend?  How about a little Diablo III?  This weekend Blizzard Entertainment is opening up their RPG for anyone with an active account.  From Friday April 20th at Noon PST to Monday April 23rd at 10 AM, you get the opportunity to slaughter hordes of demons in the name of Tamriel.

If you are interested in getting your D3 on, download the client here and be ready for when the servers come up this afternoon.  Hit the jump to read through the Diablo III Open Beta FAQ.  You're welcome.




What steps do I need to take?

·         Log in or create a account at

·         Create your BattleTag, which is required to play Diablo III (What is BattleTag?)

·         Download the game client, install, and play between 12:01 p.m. PDT April 20 and 10:00 a.m. PDT April 23


I don't have a account -- can I still play?

Absolutely! Just visit to create a free account. Next, download the client from and install it. Create your BattleTag, and then log in to the game using your account name (email address) and password to begin slaughtering the demonic hellspawn that dare stand in your way.


Are there any differences for stress test participants versus invited closed beta testers?

Stress test participants will only be able to access the beta between Friday, April 20 at 12:01 p.m. PDT (noon), and Monday, April 23 at 10:00 a.m. PDT. In addition, stress test participants will not have access to post in the beta forums and will not be provided Beta Bucks for use in testing the currency-based auction house.


Can all regions/countries participate?

Due to regional differences and features of the stress test client, Korean players will not be able to partake in the stress test weekend. However, beginning the week of April 23, we will be conducting a separate, invitation-only closed beta test that will give players in Korea a chance to try out the game, along with players in the regions of Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau.


What if the service is down/laggy/disconnecting me?

It's very possible that players connecting to the stress test could experience issues with the service. While not ideal, this is exactly why we're having a stress test. We want to catch and analyze as many bugs as possible during this stress test period, so that we can try to ensure a smooth launch on May 15.


I'm having an issue, how can I get help?

Due to the limited window of the stress test we encourage you to visit the Technical Support or Mac Technical Support forums if you're having any issues running the game, and checking the Known Issues list if you're running into a bug. As a stress test participant you will not be able to post in the beta forums.


What platforms and languages do you support?

For the stress test we're offering the client in English, French, and German for both Windows and Mac. At release the game will be fully localized into English, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, European Spanish, Italian, Polish, Korean, and Traditional Chinese for Windows, and English, French and German for Mac.


I'm an invited closed beta tester, what happens after the stress test weekend ends?

As an invited closed beta tester you'll continue to have access until the beta ends on May 1.

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This game is fueled by the blood of innocents and runs on pure evil, PURE joyous addictive gaming evil.

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Everything is happening this weekend, D3 open beta, Tera open beta, GW2 beta.

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Betas for everyone! Cry havock and let loose the dogs of war!

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Dogs of War scare me.. I was leaning more towards Hamsters of War perhaps?

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I dunno, those hamsters can be pretty cruel.  Have you ever felt a hamster bite?  It goes to the bone I tell you, to the BONE.

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I see... Well, then. Perhaps a solution for everyone is to just take a step above Dogs of War...


... That way, we can keep the Dogs of War :D

[fraggadier] @ 3:48:37 PM Apr 22, 2012
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Betas all end on the day of my birthday. Yay XD

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My wife and I played D3 for a couple hours Saturday night and then for a good portion of the day on Sunday.  I must say it was a lot of fun, and she was saying by about mid-afternoon Sunday that this game needs to hurry up and come out so we can get farther into it :)

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@Kesh Agreed, May 15th cant come soon enough - I want to know the story, dammit!

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Honestly, I felt D3 was lacking to some extent compared to D2. Obviously, I'd want to play D3 for the delicious storyline but afterwards... not sure. I'm sure updates down the road will help the game immensely. At least knowing Blizzard, it will, since WoW is so content-rich...

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@Chaobo Well keep in mind that the beta was 1/3rd of the first chapter at the most, and on top of that several of the systems such as gems were not even available in it.  The story itself had barely even started by that point.

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I already took that into consideration. I'm not only in it for the story and I know some of the systems weren't available as it's a beta. I just got bored of D3 much faster than D2, and D2 is as linear of a game as it gets. I'd talk about it more in-depth but I'd much rather wait for the final launch.

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