We've talked a lot about 38 Studios and their now dead Project Copernicus a lot of late.  Apparently the developers of the game were justifiably proud enough of their project to send the teaser trailer to Kotaku.  This might be the pregnancy hormones talking, but watching this makes me incredibly sad.  The art is so beautiful, the world so vast, I really wish I had the chance to explore these untamed reaches.  I keep hoping an angel will swoop in and reignite the fire that was Kingdoms of Amalur, the MMO.  For now though I can only sit, and mourn what will never be.

Watch the wheel turn after the jump.




[via Kotaku]

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This video makes me weep openly for the game that could have been.

[TheOnlyJuan1976] @ 11:23:00 PM Jul 9, 2012
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I'm really, really bummed about this.  When I played Kingdoms of Amalur I thought it was really fun action RPG.  This could have been something special.  My heart goes out to those folks.

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