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Amongst the massive amount of awesome news dropping in Cologne this week during Gamescom, 38 Studios announced a drop date of their own for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning.  Curt Schilling's famed epic Fantasy RPG will be launching February 7th, 2012 for all your favorite gaming devices -- as long as your favorites are the top consoles or a PC.  

This is one of those games that should be getting more attention than it is, but I think a lot of people are more interested in Schilling's story than in the quality of the game itself.  Well I for one am thrilled to get a release date for the game, mostly because it means I get to play it sooner than I thought.  And yes, I will play it -- oh yes, there will be playing.  

Hit the jump to see the brank SPANKIN' new Gamescom trailer.  Yeah, I used the word epic, but here it comes again: EPIC.  There, I feel better, don't you?




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