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If you're looking in your Steam account for a Mass Effect 3 preorder, I'm afraid you won't find it.  That's because EA announced today that their digital PC sales Bioware's next sci-fi RPG epic will be sold exclusively through their travesty of a game sales site  EA claims that the reason they have pulled the game from Steam's lineup has less to do with wanting to back their service and more with " a set of restrictive terms of service which limit how developers interact with customers to deliver patches and other downloadable content" on Valve's side. Saying that they are happy to do business with any distribution service that let's them deal directly with the consumers is code for "we want to use our own site."

Some have made the very valid point that EA itself limits how much DLC they provide to their customers, since Bioware only sells Dragon Age and Mass Effect DLC.  Patches and DLC for Bioware games up until this point have been incredibly difficult to get if you didn't purchase your games through Steam, so it seems a bit hypocritical to me.  And here I thought EA wasn't going to interfere in business practices for their RPG cash cow.  Silly me.



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Im sure I would be a lot more upset about this if I had actually ever found the time to play through ME1 or 2 - as it stands, Im so far behind that by the time I do get through both games and am ready to buy ME3, it probably *will* be on Steam... as a discount title...

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That's why they have the 360 version.

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Ugh... And people used to think that Activision was the vision of hell when it came to publishers. 

EA just cannot help themselves, I hope I never own a product on origin.

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I've only played the first one and listened to my friend ramble on about how great the second one was. I'm in no rush to get the 3rd any time soon, I guess I'm in the same boat as Art.


My biggest issue is the PAIR this company is sporting by naming their digital sales service Origin. Hey EA, #$%@ OFF!



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