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It seems like only yesterday when I visited the Gamersfirst booth during my E3 adventures to take a look at APB Reloaded, and watching how they turned the original, vastly mediocre title into a F2P spectacle that was actually fun. Now, they’re all poised for a full on retail release, partnering with publisher Interactive Gaming Software. They grow up so fast. :: /tear wipe ::

The retail version will be sold at the price of $29.95, which seems a bit much for a game that you can simply download for free. Gamersfirst is making sure you’re getting your money’s worth, however. In that package, you’ll find over $50 worth of in-game items, including your own permanent vehicle and weapon. You also get 30 days of premium access, which grants bonus cash rewards, reputation boosts, and even a store discount. Not too shabby if you’re looking to get a jumpstart on the game.


Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from just hopping on over to the game website and downloading it for free. But if you need an extra boost to your first foray into the world of San Paro, then it may be worth plopping down the extra money. The retail version goes on sale in early November.

And yes, Saiyan Warriors are included.

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