Some of you regular readers may remember last month i got some playtime for the upcoming localization of SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online (that is still insanely long to write out). OGPlanet just recently released the game to the masses, and even put out a new gameplay trailer to help entice players into trying it.

While you get a good look at some of the Gundam models you can play as, as well as some of the missions you can take part in (both pulled straight from the iconic anime series), you'll have to put up with the very questionable voice acting brought out by the operators that serve to assist you during missions. I actually had to keep myself from busting out laughing during my preview session. Check the trailer out after the jump, and then check out the game by visiting the official website. Don't worry, it's F2P. 




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[ComradePants] @ 1:13:45 PM Dec 2, 2011
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I've never quite understood why localizers use such terrible English voice dubs. These games seldom win mainstream appeal, so they would really be much better off using subtitles and appealing to what is surely their core audience - otakus and other Japan fans. 

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Pshhh, people still read? Oh wait...

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