Here's a quick note to let you know that those gamers out there who played Guild Wars can reserve their character names in Guild Wars 2 now for a limited time.  Between today and July 31st all you have to do is log into your Guild Wars account and your character names will be held in trust for when the sequel launches in August.  Of course in order for the name to be permanently yours you'll have to actually create a character with that name in Guild Wars 2 either during Headstart or on launch day.  

I suppose in a way this is a roundabout way of getting people to preorder the game in order to receive Headstart access so they can nab the names they want.  What I'm not clear on is if non-Guild Wars players (or those who like me can't for the life of them remember their account details) can create accounts in the original game this week and then reserve character names.  I suppose that's possible.  Here's me heading on over to try it out.  

If you haven't decided yet whether or not you're going to play Guild Wars 2, here are a couple cinematic videos to tempt you.  I got the chance to play both the Asura and the Sylvari this weekend during the last beta event, and all I can say is -- I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL AUGUST 28TH




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