No MMO playable race class roster would be complete without the obligatory adorable race of misfits, and Guild Wars 2 is no exception.  Enter the Asura, a tiny race of floppy-eared tinkers who populate a land filled with crystals, magic, and angular beauty. Don't believe me?  Check out the screenshots and the video after the jump.

Of all the games I played at SDCC, Guild Wars 2 was by far the standout favorite.  It's hard to describe exactly how brilliant this game is, and it's even harder to describe using just a few minutes of video footage, but I can tell you that when the game launches sometime next year I will be the first in line.  





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No, I'll be first in line!! EST 12+ represent!!!!!!!


Nah, this game is going to be amazing!

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Ummm... uhhhhh..... GMT*

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I may just have to beg them for a preview copy. Im not above begging, groveling, or sobbing like a baby when it comes to good video games.

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