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More than anything, gamers hate to choose.  We look at the infinite options available to us on the buffet table that is the gaming, and lock up.  Which console to play?  Which genre?  There have been countless instances of gamers being found curled fetal in the corner of the local Game Stop, whimpering in panic.  Luckily the folks over at Penny Arcade have come to the rescue.

Enter the Decide-o-Tron, an iOS app available soon for the low-low price of zero dollars.  This little wonder will suggest which game you should play next, using very sophisticated telemetry and other scienc-y things I don't even try to understand.  The phrases "artificial intelligence" and "predictive technology" were used and are frankly more than a little scary.  

Hit the jump for a list of just some of the snazzy features we can expect when the Decide-o-Tron arrives to change our lives forever.



  • Personalized library of game preferences and recommendations users can access anywhere
  • Sharable Wishlist functionality, with handy notifications at the time of release
  • Recommendations cover PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Network, PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox Live Marketplace, Wii, Nintendo DS, DSI and 3DS, WiiWare/Virtual Console, GameCube, GameBoy Adv, and PC games
  • The avatar of a sentient artificial intelligence, housed in your handheld device
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