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I'm not an astrology girl, ask anyone.  But when I saw this on my Google+ feed this morning I just had to share. Some very intense gentlemen (James Wright and Joshua Eckert) have redone the zodiac with geeks in mind.  Now instead of having outdated astrological symbols, their Geek Zodiac includes roles that we all know and can identify with, such as the Treasure Hunter or the Wizard.  

Now I am not sure if these fit the updated zodiac or the traditional one.  In fact, this looks closer to the Chinese Zodiac, where roles are assigned based on the year you were born.  Here are the new Zodiac roles.   According to this chart I'm a Daikaiju, but any of my writers could have told you that. Which one are you?

  • Treasure Hunter
  • Ninja/Samurai
  • Astronaut
  • Spy
  • Time Traveler
  • Daikaiju -- I'm not afraid to I admit I had to look this up.  Turns out these are the giant monsters featured in Japanese movies, Godzilla being the most famous, but not nearly the most stylish.  
  • Robot
  • Wizard
  • Alien
  • Superhero
  • Undead -- includes Undead Hunters for some odd reason, not sure how.
  • Pirates


Click on the image to bring up the full version.  It's totally worth it.

[Update]  According to Sean Cowen, the gents behind the Geek Zodiac are working on a graphic novel based on their work.  Now here I was thinking about how great a set of daily geek horoscopes would be, a graphic novel is even better.

[via James Shearer, source Sean Cowen]



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Would you look at that, I'm a pirate.



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Somehow I'm not surprised in the least.

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Holy smokes, I'm an Astronaut.. and the '+' description is my game style O.o

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Why Mandi what could you ever be implying? :)


Oh and Chaobo, your momma was an astronaut.

[joeytheshonen] @ 12:21:53 AM Jan 26, 2012
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[Mandifesto] @ 8:21:53 AM Jan 25, 2012
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Well according to this Noob is Undead.  I'm not sure how to take that.  Maybe I'll just count him as Undead Hunter, to be safe.

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