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The general viewing on gamers today is less than positive these days.  With a rash of violent crimes being blamed on video games, and the mainstream viewpoint of games as time wasters, we have an uphill battle when it comes to justifying our chosen pass time to the majority of Americans today.

Luckily an info graphic has surfaced courtesy of that can help illustrate the benefits of video games to the public at large.  There are some interesting facts listed, such as the fact that most young Americans spend an average of 10,000 hours gaming by the age of 21.  This is particularly fascinating when you consider the notion that in order to become an expert in something, you must do that something for 10,000 hours.  This means that the upcoming generations of Americans are becoming gaming experts before they become adults.

On the other hand, the infographic also includes some rather sketchy information, like their assertion that humans who game can out perform computers in solving puzzles -- five out of ten times.  Which means that they have a 50/50 shot of performing better than a computer. Sounds to me like random chance is winning, not gaming -- unless you count the possibility of gaming the numbers so that they come out in gamers' favor.

Here's the infographic in its entirety. Maybe you can share it with the next person that says gaming is a waste of time.


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That's pretty awesome. Then again, from my experience, gamers have always had the most "common sense"....

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