If ever you hear someone say that video games are a waste of time, you can now tell them about the boy who used his Mario Kart skills to save his great-grandmother's life.  

10-year-old Gryffin Sanders of Golden, Colorado was traveling down the highway with his great-grandmother and 4-year-old brother when 74-year-old Darlene Nestor passed out at the wheel.  Going around 60 MPH, they were headed for disaster, until Gryphon grabbed the wheel and navigated the speeding SUV into a roadside ditch.  

It's amazing to think that this boy learned driving skills from a game as basic as Mario Kart.  The game must have also taught him to react quickly to stress, because even adults who know how to drive wouldn't have had the instincts Griffin had.  Hit the jump to watch the news report on this heroic little gamer.

[via Think Geek]

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That's the good stuff. It's been proven you can learn skills from gaming and also learn to handle things better under pressure. There is a lot to take from good game design and apply to life. This is a lot to ignore from bad game design and run for the hills. 


You go little man!

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