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F2P MMO Elsword has added a new character to their roster today. Raven, the former captain for the Kingdom of Velder turned rebel, slashes his way through the digital comic pages. And Kill3rCombo is celebrating his arrival with some special goodies.

Raven’s playstyle fits his moody demeanor. Not only does he wield a nasty looking sword, but he also has a metallic claw, called the Nasod Arm, that bolsters his fighting capabilities. Raven has access to two different class routes, available at level 15. The Sword Taker route, as the name implies, grants him unique sword-based attacks that strike with speed and precision. The Over Taker route, meanwhile, taps into Raven’s undying rage, allowing for more brutal attacks that utilize the powers of his Nasod Arm. My personal tastes have me leaning toward the latter route myself.

By simply creating a Raven character under your account, you will receive a special celebratory cube. If you completed the questline before today, you can also get a special costume cube to deck out the former knight. Leveling him up will net you various goodies at varying levels, such as enhancement and resurrection stones. Don’t have enough character slots? They’ve got you covered! Everyone also gets a free character slot, to help assure that all players can get a chance to mess around with Raven.

There’s a truckload of other activities going on in-game over the course of the month. Check out the event page for all the details.

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[Mandifesto] @ 10:01:41 AM Aug 4, 2011
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Man, he looks hardcore.  This is exactly the sort of darker character Elsword needs.  They've been awefully adorable up until this point, so it's great so see them embrace the badassness.  Can't wait to check him out for myself.

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I want a claw like that. It would make typing a pain, but still...claw!

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